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Ninth Grade Through Twelfth Grade Curriculum Space

The entire Curriculum guide is available for download below. It has been broken into smaller sections to decrease file sizes and to enable you to pick and choose which files you want.

If you have a very fast Internet connection (TI, cable modem, etc), you may wish to download the entire 473 page file. This file is available for download here, but be warned that it is very large (3583 KB).

In order to view the files, you must have Adobe Acrobat. This software is free and available for download through Adobe Corporation here. After downloading the software, follow the instructions for installation and setup provided on the Acrobat download page.

A number of the activities found in the lessons below rely on props that were originally provided in companion "trunks". Staff and funding to develop, distribute and maintain these trunks is unavailable. Feel free to modify these activities to make use of materials you have on hand. To obtain a digital copy of the Wilderness Reader, a compilation of articles referenced in some lessons, please contact Shirley Chase at schase @

For interactive wilderness education resources, click here.

Wilderness: An Overview
download whole section (400KB)

Leave No Trace Field Experience
download whole section (913KB)

Social Studies
download whole section (367KB)

American History
download whole section (439KB)

download whole section (195KB)

The Arts
download whole section (207KB)

download whole section (927KB)

download whole section (113KB)

Further Readings & References

Glossary Of Terms


  • Appendix A: Materials Referenced To Lessons In The Secondary Wilderness And Land Ethic Box
  • Appendix B: Vendor List For Secondary Wilderness & Land Ethics Box
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