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Karen Lindsey

Karen Lindsey is the Fish and Wildlife Service Representative at the Arthur Carhart National Wilderness Training Center. Karen came to the Carhart Center from the National Conservation Training Center where she developed and implemented the NCTC Land Management Plan, and served as Training Course Leader. Karen's responsibilities included habitat restoration of forest and native grasslands, and coordination of ecological inventories and surveys. As Training Course Leader, Karen planned, organized, coordinated, implemented and evaluated training programs in the technical and scientific fields including ecology, wildlife biology, and habitat restoration; and, in the land-based conservation and management programs including habitat management planning, monitoring, invasive species management and refuge management. Prior to that, Karen spent 7 years as a refuge biologist at Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge. While at Bear River, Karen developed and implemented inventory and monitoring, disease control, and habitat management plans, and developed and managed the refuge's GIS database. Karen serves as an active member of the Working Group and firmly believes, as Aldo Leopold did, that wildlife need wilderness. Karen holds a B.S. degree in Environmental Studies from Utah State University.

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