Our Staff

We are a group of people committed to the power of the promise of the Wilderness Act and to those within and outside the federal government who strive to keep that promise. There is one National Wilderness Preservation System. There are four agencies that manage it. We believe it makes sense to work across Department and agency boundaries to develop comprehensive, interagency solutions to wilderness stewardship issues that directly meet the needs of the field.

Katie Bliss, Director
Katie.Bliss@usda.gov, (301) 508-0101

James Sippel, Bureau of Land Management Representative
jsippel@blm.gov, (406) 243-4625

Michelle Reilly, Fish and Wildlife Service Representative
michelle_reilly@fws.gov, (571) 239-4965

Dan Abbe, Forest Service Representative
james.abbe@usda.gov, (603) 348-0212

Tim Devine, National Park Service Representative
tim_devine@nps.gov, (406) 243-4612

Vacant, Wilderness Interpretation & Outreach Specialist

Elaine Poser, Budget Administrator
elaine.poser@usda.gov, (406) 243-4644

Holly Metzger, Support Services Specialist
holly.metzger@usda.gov, (406) 243-4682

Lisa Ronald, Wildlands Communications Director (partner)
lisa@wilderness.net, 406-396-3607