Katie Bliss

Katie Bliss joined the Arthur Carhart National Wilderness Training Center in 2020 as its Director. For the past nine years, Katie has served as the Training Manager for Interpretation and Education at the National Park Service’s Stephen T. Mather Training Center in Harpers Ferry, WV. She began her conservation career after graduating from the University of Florida with a BS in Wildlife Ecology with minors in Forestry and Zoology. After serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Uruguay, she joined the NPS and worked as an interpreter, educator, and trainer at Golden Gate National Recreation Area (CA), San Antonio Mission National Historical Park (TX), and Everglades National Park (FL) before becoming a full-time trainer and instructional designer. She earned a MS in Resource Education in 2005, then joined the instructional team at Indiana University’s Eppley Institute for Parks and Public Lands on a long-term intergovernmental detail. While there, she established an interpretation and education distance learning platform, online courses, and coaching network before moving to the Mather Training Center in 2010. Most recently, she served in a long-term detail to the acting director of the National Park Service, creating a streamlined strategic planning process for the NPS’s second century of service.