Lisa Ronald

Lisa Ronald is Wildlands Communications Director at the University of Montana's Wilderness Institute. As a long-time partner, Lisa and the University of Montana play a critical role toward meeting the Carhart mission. Lisa started in her position in 2003 and has since transformed Wilderness Connect into a full-service communications program and the go-to source for all things wilderness. Her contacts within the wilderness, wild and scenic rivers, and public lands advocacy communities and varied background in conservation, science, distance learning, new media, GIS mapping, and technology continue to facilitate diverse partnerships with government, academia, corporations, and non-profits. Since 2012, Lisa has led communications, event planning, and fundraising for national projects, including the 2014 National Wilderness Conference and annual National Wilderness Workshop, and a variety of high profile activities celebrating the 50th anniversaries of the Wilderness and Wild and Scenic Rivers Acts. Prior to joining the Wilderness Institute, Lisa worked as both a journalist and private sector website developer. Lisa holds a B.S. degree in Chemistry, a B.A. degree in Journalism and an M.S. degree in Forestry, all from the University of Montana.