Michelle Reilly

Michelle ReillyMichelle Reilly is the Fish and Wildlife Service Representative at the Arthur Carhart Wilderness Training Center. Michelle started with the Center in 2018 and came from an Ecological Services Field office where she served as an Endangered Species Biologist and the Strategic Habitat Conservation Coordinator. Michelle has worked on cooperative grants and agreements with Oregon State University and the Conservation Biology Institute to investigate landscape-level impacts and connectivity for species of conservation concern. Michelle holds a M.Sc. in Environmental Science and Policy from John's Hopkins University and a Ph.D. from Northern Arizona University. Her graduate work emphasized multi-species conservation research with close agency collaboration. Her dissertation research investigated the effects of non-motorized recreation on mammals in national and state parks, regional wilderness areas, and county and regional open space reserves. From 2016-2017, she served as a visiting professor at New Mexico Highlands University and taught quantitative methods and wildlife ecology courses while conducting research in wildlife behavioral ecology.