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Janice Engle

Janice began her career working for the Service in 1979 as a biotech for Refuges and Wildlife Resources in Region 4 (Atlanta) and she now is a biologist in Ecological Services at Headquarters.

The path between those two positions was not a straight line, however. Janice earned her BS from the University of Georgia (Recreation & Environmental Interpretation), her MA (Education - middle and high school science) at Furman University, and MS (Biology) from Boise State University. She taught high school biology, earth science and physical science; college freshman geology; and anatomy and physiology (as a graduate TA). Her thesis work on Columbia spotted frogs focused on metapopulation dynamics of declining species and led her back to the Service in 2001.

Since then, Janice has worked on the National Fire Plan and state transportation actions in Idaho, as well as many programmatic plans nationally. She was the FWS liaison to Customs and Border Protection from 2007-9, coordinating with multiple agencies and regions regarding the effects to listed resources by construction activities of the Southwestern International Border Fence project. Janice has also been a field supervisor and served on the MC 252 Gulf Oil Spill as the Incident Command section 7 coordinator. Presently, Janice is coordinating programmatic development with Federal Highways and is a member of the Headquarters team developing conservation integration tools. Her most recent task was coordinating, developing, and delivering Species Status Assessment Training for the Unified Listing Team.

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