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Wilderness Investigations Education Program

Wilderness Investigations (WI) is the exciting wilderness education program offered by the Arthur Carhart National Wilderness Training Center. This rigorous, standards-correlated, and place-based toolkit includes live teacher training workshops, printed and downloadable teaching materials, online investigation-specific training, and a WI teacher networking site for sharing, problem-solving, and WI program announcements. WI topics are focused on key elements of the Wilderness Act of 1964 and include classroom, field, and family components. Every WI investigation includes project-based/hands-on activities, and many lead to service learning opportunities. WI areas of focus include investigations under the following headings:

  • Preservation and Protection in their Natural Condition (Essential Question: "What is wilderness?")
  • For the American People of Present and Future Generations (Essential Question: "Is every citizen a wilderness shareholder?")
  • Outstanding Opportunities (Essential Question: "What experiences are included in the wilderness suite of values?")
  • Preservation of their Wilderness Character (Essential Question: "Does wilderness have value if I never go there?")
  • Our Wilderness Heritage (Essential Question: "How can I be part of our country's wilderness heritage?")

Wilderness Investigations Toolkit for Grades 3-4

Wilderness Investigations Toolkit for Grades 5-8

Wilderness Investigations Toolkit for High School

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