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Ken Straley

Ken Straley is the Forest Service Representative at the Arthur Carhart National Wilderness Training Center and a Wilderness Specialist for the Forest Service’s Wilderness and Wild and Scenic Rivers Program. Ken came to the Carhart Center in 2011 and, no matter how much time he has to spend at a desk, remains passionately committed to the field. Since joining the Forest Service as a Wilderness Ranger in 1993, Ken has worked as a Recreation Planner, Recreation Specialist, Wilderness Specialist, Wilderness Staff Officer, and Recreation Staff Officer across 12 wilderness areas on five National Forests and a BLM Field Office. Ken has acquired extensive experience in all aspects of outdoor recreation management, but he specializes in wilderness, trails, visitor use management, and natural resource restoration. Ken serves on several Forest Service and interagency wilderness working groups and is dedicated to preserving the integrity of the National Wilderness Preservation System. Ken holds B.S. degrees in Marketing and Natural Resources Recreation Planning and Management from the University of Utah. In his free time, Ken is in constant search of wilderness and is an intrepid hiker, spending most of his free time exploring the wildlands of the West and occasionally elsewhere around the world.

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