What We Do

Equip and inspire employees and partners to honor the public trust through TRAINING and COACHING. Our expert advice, and unique and effective blend of classroom and field courses, e-courses, and webinars, provides timely access to training in support of field efforts to meet the spirit and intent of the Wilderness Act.

Facilitate knowledge, connection, communication, and camaraderie through INFORMATION. Wilderness Connect makes it easy to find maps, data, images, toolboxes, templates, and examples to quickly and successfully address stewardship issues. Wilderness Connect keeps the community of practice connected and able to individually and collectively leverage expertise across agency, non-agency, and academic boundaries.

Cultivate the next generation of Wilderness stewards through ENGAGEMENT, EDUCATION and EMPLOYMENT. From kindergarten through college, we build awareness and interest, create connections and confidence, and inspire responsible stewardship and respect through our creative outreach and internship programs, rigorous teacher workshops, and personal support.

Model interagency excellence - Working across Departments and agencies since 1993, the Carhart Center has pioneered projects in training, information, and education that have been embraced by Homeland Security Border Patrol agents, recognized by Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government, endorsed by the Confederated Salish and Kootenai and Salish/Pend d'Oreille Tribal Education and Culture Committees, and replicated within and outside the federal government. Our flexible, creative, and innovative interagency Team approach to addressing wilderness issues has virtually eliminated duplication of staff, funding, and effort, within and between agencies, and improved consistency in wilderness stewardship. Our commitment to the law, the field, and to interagency excellence exemplify what it means to manage the wilderness System as a System and what excellence and efficiency in government service really looks like. Consistently exceeding performance goals, the Carhart Center has become the premier model of a successful interagency, Service First organization.

Sustain Hope. In the midst of continual uncertainty and change, the Carhart Center provides continuity and consistency. The field counts on our ability to provide timely, accurate answers to their wilderness stewardship questions. Our one-stop-shop sustains hope that, in the midst of change, one thing remains - our commitment to the preservation of wilderness character.